INTERVIEW: Beardmore

These questions were answered by Beardmore, a blues/stoner rock band based in Aylesbury.


So how did the band get started?

After playing in numerous bands in/around London and Bristol, Colin, Ben and Tim started jamming ZZ Top covers. This lasted for about a year, then Ben and Tim left their band and we decided to start trying to write some songs. We started to look for a drummer (with a beard) and luck had it that a friend whose long term established band had just split. After a bit of persuasion we talked Adam into being the drummer for the band.


And how did you come up with your band name?



How would you describe your sound?

70s inspired hard rock groove with a hair of blues, punk and metal(ish).


Who or what has been your biggest influence(s)?



What has been your biggest challenge to overcome so far?

HIV, broken wrists and broken beard combs.


Which has been your favourite show to play?

Underworld in Camden this year, it was our 4th show and we felt that the song were starting to plait together.


What was the first record you ever bought?

Ben’s first record was Bricks Are Heavy by L7. Adam’s first record was a Status Quo ‘best of’ compilation. Colin’s first record was No Limits by 2 Unlimited. Tim’s first record was Bat Out Of Hell 2 by Meatloaf.


What would you like to be reincarnated as?

Your bearded mum.


Who is your favourite band?

Peter Tosh, Carcass, Mastodon and Graveyard.


And finally, tits or ass?

Anything hairy. But really ass, ass, ass (and tits).



You can check out Beardmore here:



They are currently recording an album and will be released their first single ‘Cut The Bone’ in the next month or so.


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