INTERVIEW: In Solitude

These questions were answered by Pelle ‘Hornper’ Åhman, vocalist of Swedish heavy metal band In Solitude.


Lets start off with how the band got started.

In Solitude comes out of an elongated process of things that reach back into childhood. The core of the band stems from our earliest attempts at grasping any kind of musical expression. However it wasn’t until 2006 or so that things took a turn towards anything resembling a real band.


How did you come up with your band name?

I figure we recognized an affix with which we could penetrate our mutual substantive, a finger pointing towards great presence in great absence. Although plucked from quite a volatile place at the time, it has made more and more sense with every note that has been struck. If you ask me, we couldn’t have a more suitable name.


And how would you describe your sound?

I don’t know. Something terribly right, thrown in with something terribly wrong. Music from a bucket of light in the quarry of death’s groin.


Who or what has been your biggest influences?

Any maestro that uncovers the world as it actually is, any maestro that makes us distinguish. That can be, and has been, anything from David Bowie’s ‘Low’ to Yukio Mishima’s ‘Gogo No Eiko’ to Pan’s junction in the foliage of Uppsala’s botanical gardens.


What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

This band.


What has been your favourite show to play?

I don’t have one in particular, but there were a few shows on the latest tour that made a big impression on me. Coming back to certain places in Germany like Trier, Essen and Leipzig was very special. That’s really where it all started for us, and seeing the great reception there was very moving.


Any crazy tour stories you’d be willing to share with us?

On this latest one, well… seeing the world tumble on it’s blood in a backyard in Paris whilst drinking tea would be one. The ‘sleepwalking incident’ would be another.


How has your music developed over the years?

In a more urgent and important direction.


What is your favourite song to perform live?

That changes with time, but recently I’ve really enjoyed playing ‘Horses In The Ground’. There is something pushing that song, especially in the live situation, that always reaches a special place.


Any advice for young bands or people thinking of starting a band?

Do something that no one has done before and do everything yourself. Other than that, don’t take advice from someone like me.



You can check out In Solitude here:



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