INTERVIEW: Chuckklez

These questions were answered by horrorcore artist Chuckklez.


How did you get started in music?

I started writing and making music when I was about 14 years old, back in 2006. I use to listen to a lot of old school gangsta rap when I was younger, until one of my friends introduced me to underground music by showing me Esham. When I first listened to his tracks off of ‘KKKill The Fetus’ I became fucking addicted, which influenced me to create my own original style of music. Once I graduated out of high school, back in 2011, I recorded my first track ‘Keep The Heads And Eat The Rest’ and I’ve been rapping ever since.


How did you come up with your pseudonym?

When I came up with the name ‘Chuckklez’ when I was hella young. The name popped into my head like a voice or something that whispered in my head randomly, so I decided to claim it as my own to help create my image.


How would you describe your style of music?

What really describes my style of music is entering the mind of a psychotic person. It’s disturbing, dark, demonic, deep, shocking and mostly evil in my opinion. Every topic I talk about in one of my songs is pretty much me telling a horror story, using what’s going on in this world and what people are actually doing when they go crazy in real life.


Describe your songwriting process.

When it comes to writing, it takes me a couple of weeks or a month to complete a track that I’m currently working on for an album or collaborations. It’s because I don’t want to rush my work and I focus on making a rhyme sound perfect for a topic more than anything. If I do the opposite then it’s not gonna come out the way I want my music to sound.


What would you do if you weren’t making music?

If I wasn’t making music I’d probably be doing GFX like I used to or maybe get a job voice acting scary sound effects for characters. Honestly though if I wasn’t making music today I would’ve been dead a long time ago.


Do you have a favourite genre?

The music that I listen to every day is mostly horrorcore… but also like other genres such as ‘devil shyt’, death metal, old school gangsta rap, alternative rock, hardcore hip hop and a little bit of blues.


What was the first gig you ever went to?

The first gig I ever went to was Mars and Kung Fu Vampire in Walnut Creek, CA around 2011. This was the first time that I met KFV and Mars in person and they were mad fucking cool for real. Plus it was a great show.


Do you have any bad habits?

I kinda have a bad habit of talking to myself when I’m in certain places I live or hangout at for no reason at all, which freaks some people out I guess!


What is your favourite film?

Oh man, there are so many films that could be on this list that I really love watching constantly. I would have to say ‘Zombi’ by Lucio Fulci and ‘The Shining’ are my two favourite films of all time.


And finally, what would your pornstar name be?

If I was a pornstar, I would go by the name ‘Scorpio Larue’. I’m lovable to the ladies and hardcore when it comes to fucking.



You can check out Chuckklez here:







He also has a new album coming out in the summer called ‘Mind Of Evilness’, so keep an eye out for that!


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