TRACK BY TRACK: ‘More Than Me’ by Six Time Champion

This is a track by track for ‘More Than Me’, the 4th release by Brighton pop punk proprietors, Six Time Champion.


‘Always writing about my own personal issues is quite a self involved act, and I just hope that these songs do actually reach out on a personal level to people other than myself’ declares James Dagg, discussing the origin of the EPs title’. The band are looking to get their heads back in the game with this release, following a period of respite. Recorded at The Outhouse with John Mitchell (Architects, Lower Than Atlantis), ‘More Than Me’ sees the quintet slickening up, whilst still retaining the somewhat aggressive edge that has become their hallmark.


Writing ‘More Than Me’ was a very gradual process in comparison to our previous releases. At first we set ourselves no particular deadline and just focused on constantly writing new ideas, until it got to the point where we had almost 10 full instrumental tracks. But then we wrote ‘Doubt’, which ended up being the final track on the E.P. and at the time this seemed to have a far better feel than anything we had written so far. As a result we scrapped all of the other demos we had and started afresh, trying to find some more of those good feels.


As always, our general aim was simply to create music that we love to hear and love to perform. Once we had a set of songs we were truly happy with we headed to Outhouse Studios to work with John Mitchell, who previously did a solid job on our single ‘Let Me In’.


When ideas for ‘Lost’ first came around, it was all about the bounce. Piece by piece this song just fell into place, featuring classic STC guitar chugs and rough vocals, pushing personal lyrics about feeling smothered by past failures.


This song really came out of nowhere, it started off as a short clip of Si jamming over some drums Rich had written. Initially this song had a totally different sound to anything else we had written, but something about it stood out. With a lot of work this track turned out to be one of the favourites all round for us, and we feel that the difference in sound is still present in a slightly more subtle way. The lyrics are about unknowingly falling into a totally negative mental state, and dragging everyone around you down to that same level.


‘Every Angle’ was written in the most familiar format for us. Si and Rich put together pretty much the entire instrumental between them. By the time the rest of the band had heard this track, all it really needed was the vocals. We all know about burning the candle at both ends, and this song is really about feeling totally rundown, and never finding time to rest.


This song is really the stamp of our new rhythm guitarist, Hus. We had already spoken about writing a new acoustic track after the popularity of ‘Old Friends Loose Ends’, one of our earliest tracks. Hus set out to put his own style all over it, taking the song to a whole new level, and hopefully setting it apart from the token pop punk acoustic tracks, whilst still sporting some sad boy lyrics.


‘Doubt’ is the song that set the bar for this E.P. It just felt good right from the start, keeping it upbeat and aggressive. This song is about working hard towards something you love and being persistent in your efforts to make it work. This is still one of our all time favourites as it is so relevant to us in every way.



You can check out Six Time Champion here:





You can get a copy of ‘More Than Me’ here.

You can watch the video for  ‘Doubt’ here.

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