INTERVIEW: The Pumpkin King

These questions were answered by rap/metal melting pot The Pumpkin King.


First things first, how did you get into music?

Music started out as poetry in high school. I was a hopeless romantic who just kept getting used and hurt, and I turned to writing as an outlet creatively. Music was always an escape for me, and it became almost second nature to combine the two to make my own creative escape.


How would you describe your style of music?

A lot of people try to lump me into the ‘horrorcore’ genre. But I try not to limit myself to things like that since I’ve been able to do shows along with metal icons like Mushroomhead. I consider myself ‘metal rap’, with horror overtones. Kinda like Misfits are punk with horror overtones.


What would you say your biggest influences are?

Personal biggest influences were Sutter Kain (The Ghetto Metal king) and Wolfpac. As they were both metal/rap orientated artists who molded my character as a late teen. And to my absolute joy I was able to work with both of them on my album ‘The End Is Mine’.


What would your dream tour to see be and what would your dream tour to be on be?

I would love to see Killswitch Engage (with Howard), along with Spineshank and Ill Niño, as they are three of my absolute favourites. As for a tour including myself, whilst I love mid level venues and bonding with the crowd, if I was going to do stadium type tours it would be with Rob Zombie and Slipknot (although I would need a full band behind me). If I were to just up and join a dream tour tomorrow then I’d love to go with Insane Clown Posse, Wolfpac and/or Hollywood Undead.


Who is your favourite band or artist?

That’s a tough one. I listen to over 50 hours of music every week, from bands and genres ranging all over. I’ve always been favourable to rock/metal but I even enjoy j-pop and hip hop from time to time. One of my personal favourite bands is Silverstein. I have every album, know every word. I just enjoy that can be heavy or soft, and still emotional.


How about your favourite album?

My favourite album (that I’ve made), so far, is ‘The End Is Mine’ because I was able to work with childhood influences, friends from overseas and I just really enjoy how it turned out. As for my personal favourite album, it’s not even from one of the bands that I listed in the previous question, but I really enjoy ‘The Lonely Position Of Neutral’ by TRUSTcompany. It’s one of the few albums I can listen to from start to finish, on repeat and not get bored of it.


And what is your favourite film?

Again this is another one that depends on the genre. Love a good action movie. Anything with Jason Statham. But if I had to make a choice I’d say the ‘Transporter’ trilogy.


How important do you think social media is for the growth of an artist is the current age?

Social media isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. So being actively involved and properly marketing is a big step in the success of any artist, especially those who have to rely on themselves without labels or PR groups funding their promotion. So you should always be involved in most social media outlets, be involved with fans. RESPOND. Answering a fan makes a world of difference to them and lets them know you care that they support you! More people pay attention to social media than the news or any other media outlet, which is a double edged sword of spreading lies and facts, so it’s important you’re actively involved in showing people who you are.


What are your hopes for the future?

Well as of lately my personal life has kinda fallen to pieces, so I took time to properly put it back together and rebuild stronger before picking my mask back up. In that transition, I found a new day job, bought a new car, fixed my credit, etc. So life outside the mask is good, which is good news for life in the mask. Now that I’m on my feet and climbing again, I’m able to put more time and energy into my full length album ‘DEAD CROWS’. Along with all new merchandise and music videos and more. Big things are on the horizon.


Finally, what would your pornstar name be?

I always joked that it would be ‘The Pumpin’ King’… but if you look hard enough or watch A LOT of porn, you may just recognise my tattoos in a few videos that still float around on the internet!



You can check out The Pumpkin King here:






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