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Galda Lou

The questions were answered by ‘alternative’ model, Galda Lou.
First question, what’s the story behind the name ‘Galda Lou’?
When I first started modelling at 18 and told my mum what I was doing, the only problem she had with it was that I was using my real name online, and she feared it would make me too easily findable. I agreed to change it to an alias, so my boyfriend (now my husband) and I came up with a list of possibilities, and he came across Galda! I liked the sound of it, it felt unique and suitable. I still kept a nod to myself with Lou, as Louise is my real life middle name.
What lead you to a career in modelling?
I stumbled across SuicideGirls when I was 15 on MySpace and they had the most popular blog. I saw these women who weren’t scared to be different, who they wanted to be, and ultimately, confident. I decided I was going to apply as soon as I turned 18, and I did just that! From there, my modelling has progressed in different directions from self shot solo porn, to shooting products for clothing companies. I like to keep it varied because it keeps it interesting!
And what has been your favourite shoot and/or image to shoot?
I always LOVE shoot days with NothingButCurves.com. Whoever I’m working with on that day, it’s always such a laugh despite being much harder than people might expect! On average we shoot 8 to 10 photosets that could be up to 300 pictures each, plus a video to match every photoset. It’s a long day, but satisfying to know you’ve gotten so much work done whilst still having a bloody great day with people I know and love.

You’re known for being heavily tattooed, what is your favourite tattoo?

I am heavily tattooed, and I hate getting tattooed! I don’t enjoy it any more at all, I think managing a tattoo studio has taken away all of the adrenaline people tend to get whilst getting a new tattoo, for me. I think because of that, I’d have to say my favourite tattoo is my back piece which is still yet to be finished. So far Alex Candela has put almost 90 hours into it so far, and I think we likely have another 15 to 20 to go to get it completely finished. The sheer amount of time and pain that’s gone into it means it would be a travesty if I didn’t name it as my favourite!

And your least favourite tattoo?

My least favourite tattoo is the one across my lower stomach. Note to others, maybe don’t get a tattoo in someone’s lounge, it ain’t gonna turn out well!

How did you end up connecting with Lucy Vixen/getting involved with Nothing But Curves?

Lucy Vixen and I first met a few years ago when she took part in a flash mob for the lingerie brand Tutti Rouge. We had spoken a few times online before that due to both being part of the modelling industry, but from that day we became firm friends. When she approached me about her idea for NothingButCurves.com, I was in straight away, I loved the idea of a curvy girls collective and jumped at being a part of it.
Who are your biggest inspirations in life?
I find a lot of people in my life inspirational to be honest. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who works hard and stays true to themselves.
Who is your favourite band or musician?
I really enjoy quite an eclectic mix of music, but my go to’s always seem to be BMTH and Rihanna.
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I’m allergic to eucalyptus and menthol which makes it really hard for me if I have a cold!
Finally, what are your aims for the future (2020 and beyond)?
I’d like to ease off on the modelling, only taking the jobs I really want, and hopefully freeing up some more time to focus on expanding my career within the tattoo studio I work at, Black Market Tattoos in Leicester, England. I’m currently tied between becoming a laser technician to help people rid themselves of regrets, or becoming a cosmetic tattooer.


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