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This interview is a repost from my time with Soundslave (previously SoundOn), which can be found at the following link: https://soundslavetv.wordpress.com/


We had a little chat with Elias Soriano, vocalist of hard rock tinged alternative metallers Nonpoint and found out some interesting things about his time with the band.


So how did the band get started?

I was working at a restaurant in South Florida with a friend who happened to be in the second incarnation of Nonpoint (Nonpoint Factor). They eventually encouraged me to pick up the microphone and have some fun. They dug what they heard and fired their then singer, making me part of version 4.0. Then we found Andy and Ken in the scene, and we became 4.1.2. From there we put together a proper show and started to convert the masses. Then came the deal from MCA… and the rest you know.


And how did you choose your band name?

It chose us like everything else in this band. Robb came across the word early in his music career and it spoke to him. I’m cool with it. It sorta defines us even though 99% of the people we ask don’t know what it means, other than it being the name of our band. We’ve almost changed the words definition.


How would you describe your sound?

Overall it’s metal with a bounce. We like to be bluesy in spots, but for the most part we want to shake people up. Whether its the music or the melody or the lyrics, every part has a purpose and is there to tell part of the story.


What would you say the main message behind your music is?

Survival. The world does everything it can to stop you, at least that’s the way it feels to us regular folk. We are the working class man’s metal and that’s pretty much what we’ve been since day one.


Who or what has been your biggest influence(s)?

Life. It’s a blessing and a bitch. I’ve given it everything I’ve got and it still gives me everything it has to give. It’s a constant give and take. Fuel, fire and that which I desire.


What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

The business side of the gig. It’s an ever changing thorn in my side. Hate dealing with the money, the politics and the overall bullshit. The rest is the good stuff and brings challenges, but nothing like the industry monster.


What has been your favourite show to play?

Any radio festival where the people from all the bands came to watch us do our thing. Masses coupled with our peers is the best environment to see Nonpoint. We are a people moving, bar raising, sweating, jumping, moving kind of band. I like to make it count. No better way than handing everyone their asses and making them love it in the process.


Any crazy tour stories you’d be willing to share with us?

Touring is crazy in itself, but I’ve seen it all. People banging behind a dumpster, full bottles of beer disappearing into bodies, fans hitching rides on trailer hitches, dudes in g-strings, Saran wrapped buses, broken bones, friends die… even played dominoes with Will Smith. Seen it all.


What would be your dream tour to see and what would be your dream tour to be involved in?

I want to see Deftones, Korn and Limp Bizkit. I think it would be fun to see. It would be my dream to be the opener on that tour with enough time for me to shower, change and get to the stage to watch the rest of the bands every night.


You’ve recorded a few covers in your time as a band (5 Minutes Alone, In The Air Tonight, Billie Jean), so what song would you like to have written/recorded?

You’ve Seen The Butcher by Deftones. It’s the sexiest, heaviest song I’ve ever heard. It’s grown folks music that dresses like it’s 20.


The bands newest album ‘The Return’ was released on September 30th and is available via iTunes, etc. or their merch store. – http://www.omerch.eu/shop/metalblade/products.php?cat=3963


Be sure to check out the music video to ‘Breaking Skin’ here: