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REVIEW (ALBUM): ‘Lost Ritual’ by Raging Speedhorn

This is a review for Lost Ritual, the 6th album from ‘sludgecore’ kings Raging Speedhorn.


The album kicks off in style with the glorious headbanger of a single that is ‘Bring Out Your Dead’. We then move into ‘Halfway To Hell’, an example of how something as simple as a lone bass guitar can signal to you that shit is about to go down. Track 3 (a.k.a. ‘Motorhead’) is another certified crowd pleaser, with the chorus evolving into gang chant that you’ll find it difficult not to join in with. ‘Evil Or Mental’ begins in a somewhat similar way to ‘Halfway To Hell’ but it is by no means a rehash. The albums fourth song is a stomping anthem that contains yet another example of the bands eye for a chorus that an audience will throw itself into. The slower tempo continues into the next song, creating a sludgy 6:36 epic ‘Ten Of Swords’. At points the vocals are reminiscent of Phil Anselmo’s work in Pantera. Speed soon picks up again with the hard rocking ‘Dogshit Blues’, a track that seems almost designed for getting down and dirty in the pit. The next track, ‘The Hangman’, is a good blend of what could be seen as the two different sides of Speedhorn, the pit ready rockers and the sludgy dirge fiends. Around the 3 minute mark, the band drops in some ‘Boris The Spider’ style vocals helping drive home the darkness of this song. Despite being just under 3 minutes long, ‘Shit Outta Luck’ manages to bring forth all the images of circle pits, shout alongs and headbanging the rest of the album contained and meld them into one song. Comin’ Home continues the album ‘wind down’ (although this being Raging Speedhorn, little winding down is actually done), being another track you can picture yourself moshing along to. The album ends on the aptly titled ‘Unleash The Serpent’. Aptly titled due to the variety of vocal styles on show, ranging from almost whispers (which bring to mind some kind of giant reptile… perhaps Jörmungandr?) to good ol’ fashioned Speedhorn chorus shout. Its’ weighty riffing perfectly pummels the album to a finish. In short, Lost Ritual is a solid album of meaty metal tunes that truly showcases Raging Speedhorn as a mighty riff machine that you’d have to be made of stone not to move in some way to.



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